What is a Psychic / Medium

If you are new to the world of spirit you might be wondering what it all means when someone mentions Medium and/or psychic.

Medium is a general term used to describe a person who has the ability to communicate with those in the spirit world.


Why Consult a Psychic / Medium

A Medium  can assist you if you are wanting to connect with loved ones who have passed to:

– help you to overcome grief

– receive comfort in knowing that they are happy and safe

– clear up any unfinished business.

A Psychic  can help when you may be wanting to gain clarity and confirmation in your life because you are:

– at a crossroad

– feeling confused about one or more areas

– feeling lost and unsure of what to do next

– need some positive direction.


Linda’s Psychic & Mediumship Abilities


Claircognizant   ( clear knowing ) this is when a Medium just has a knowing about things without knowing how they know.

Clairsentient ( clear feeling ) These are the feelers, the empaths.

Clairvoyant ( clear seeing ) This is when a medium receives images in their head almost like a movie playing in their mind.

Clairaudient ( clear hearing ) this is when a medium hears audibly or inside their head almost like it’s their own voice.

Linda is also a Spiritual healer. Distant or absent healing techniques are used to assist recovery from illness.



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