Please Note: Healing services are completely confidential and held in a private environment to help you feel safe and comfortable in discussing issues that may be of a delicate nature.

At your first appointment,  before your healing session,   I like to spend around 30 minutes going over what is happening in your life. That way we will know  where to begin on the journey of getting you well.

Please allow around one to two hours for this first visit.

Crystals are definitely one of ‘Mother natures Gifts’ and as a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner ,  I have witnessed the amazing things they can do when handled by a trained professional such as myself.

We are all energy and when we go through trauma , anxiety, stress ,grief etc. we can become totally out of zinc with everything and everyone.

Crystal therapy has been recognized for many years as a  powerful energy modality in helping people heal emotionally and physically. 

If you feel you need help in any way please feel free to contact me at any time for a chat. I am more than happy to discuss my services with you before you book an appointment.

Not only a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner……..I am also a great believer in EFT as I have seen what a difference it makes when applied to a certain situation in a persons life.

Over many years EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has have been recognized as an amazing healing techniques when it comes to peoples’ Phobias and Fears, as well as emotional and physical issues. I have used this method of healing on myself, friends and family for stress, pain, fear and other issues with amazing results and now offer it as a service to help others. Past trauma and/or abuse can hold you back in life and, when released, will leave you a much happier and balanced person.


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