Master Your Connection To Your Guides


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This is a 4 week course 2 hours each week

  1. Mastering Meditation.
  2. Meet your guides.  Find out what they would like to be called.
  3. Learn how to feel their energy, and recognize their voice
  4. Discovery your Spiritual gifts.
  5. Learn how to develop your gifts, with the help of your guides.
  6. How to build a trusting relationship with your guides
  7. The importance of protection.
  8. As this is a one on one class with me you get the opportunity to ask questions along the way which will help you on your journey

Meditation can be the most wonderful experience if it’s practiced properly. There are too many myth’s about what meditation is supposed to be. Let me guide you to learn about the true secret to successful meditation and connect to those who walk with you on a daily basis, guiding and protecting you each and every day of your life.