Healing with Crystals ( Available in 2023)

This is an on line course that allows you to learn at your own pace. It is imperative to learn how to work with the crystal ally’s Mother Earth has given us in a loving, compassionate and caring way . In this course we will go over many crystal, learning  how and when to apply.  There are many different layouts in this course for you to learn that will guide you to becoming confident in your work as a Crystal Healer.


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  1. We begin by looking into the powerful energy of the crystal  world. Here we discover various attributes of many different crystals. We uncover the secrets that lay deep inside each and every one.
  2. The master Crystal..  ( Clear Quartz ).  How to work with them and PROGRAM them to work with us on many different levels
  3. We now begin to work in conjunction with our guides and crystals on an intuitive level.
  4. Here we learn layouts  we will perform on friends and family as practice.
  5.  We learn how to use certain crystals for protection from Psychic attack, Electra magnetic fields (EMF) and negative energy’s.

As a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner it gives me great pleasure to share that knowledge with you and help you to learn one very important thing.   HOW TO WORK WITH CRYSTALS SAFELY.