Crystal Healing (1st Session)


This FIRST appointment is a 2 hour session with Linda.  This time is necessary to ascertain the issues that need addressing at that time.

Follow up appointments may be necessary and will be discussed at the time of your first visit.

Contact Linda if you wish to discuss this service.


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This service is completely confidential and held in a private environment to help you feel safe and comfortable in discussing issues that may be of a delicate nature.

Please allow around one and a half hours for your first session. This is so we can spend time going over your needs before we begin your Healing Session.

Crystal Healing : We are all energy and have all heard about the chakra’s. When we are living a hectic , stressful life, going through trauma, grief or hardship, we can get so out of alignment in our energy field that we often begin to suffer physically too. Each chakra represents not only a physical connection but just as importantly, an emotional one.

There are so many powerful crystals that can bring about amazing results in healing, but it is important to know how to work with them so the best result is always achieved.

Crystals have been a part of my life for many years and I still have the first one I ever bought. Its a lovely Clear Quartz and it always sits on my reading table when I am with a client.

I believe strongly in what I call  ‘Mother Natures Healing Gifts ‘.

As a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner,  my aim is to help you regain a perfectly balanced energy field, that will serve you well in all areas of life. When we are in perfect harmony we usually attract only good and make healthy choices and decisions.

There are also amazing crystals of Protection that can keep you safe from all harm.

If you are tired after coming out of a shopping centre, find some work colleagues draining or making you irritable.  If you pick up on energy from others without protection you can become unwell and tired.  This can lead to you getting out of balance in your Auric field ( chakra’s) and eventually can cause you all sorts of problems.

When you attend your healing session you will receive helpful information on the different crystals that will keep you safe from all harm.

PLUS: The crystals that will bring in abundance and harmony into your life.