Psychic Development & Growth with the Tarot

This course has been designed to train all who wish to work with spirit and become a dedicated, compassionate, and trusted spirit messenger, with the help of the popular Tarot Deck. The course covers all the information needed to help you understand each and every card, different layouts and situations, interpretations and so much more.  However, before we embark on that part of the journey, we need to connect you to your spirit guides and teachers, so they may step forward to be a part of this new adventure, which I am sure will change your life for the better. Being a tarot reader (messenger) can be a wonderfully rewarding career, that you can do anywhere in the world. In this day and age with the amazing social media modalities that are out there now, you can be giving guidance to someone in London one day, and America the next.  It is an exciting time to be doing this great work.  There are many videos to guide and help you learn. The course has been designed to teach you on all levels, including your spiritual enlightenment.  It is easy to follow and you can work at your own pace until you feel confident.

I am dedicated to helping you to be the best you can be and know that this course can help you to be a successful spirit messenger, helping people from all walks of life with compassion, understanding, empathy, and kindness.


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This is an online Course Designed to help you work at a sensible, steady pace

Before we take you down the path of learning this amazing deck, we introduce you to your Guides and Teachers so one may come forth to work with you on this journey of discovery. when you work with your Guide’s you become an amazing Tarot Reader. . It is imperative in helping you to learn how to work with Spirit, so you can be a true, accurate, compassionate, and devoted reader. 

Following are the subjects you will be learning along the way.

Your responsibility to your clients, your guides, and yourself.

Working with your guides when doing a reading is essential if you want to work at your best. This part of the course is all about helping you to master your connection to your spirit guide who has chosen to work with you in your work.

Learn the 4 suits of the tarot deck and the meaning of each card.

There are 52 cards in the deck. 22 of these belong to Major Arcana.  We will begin with the Minor Arcana, referred to as ‘the 4 suits’.

Here we learn about the Wands.  They represent Home and  Family. Here I explain the meaning of each card individually. 

Now we learn about the Cups. They represent Emotions. Here I also explain the meaning of each card individually.

We now come to the Sword.  They represent Trouble and Strife and Mindset. Here I explain the meaning of each card individually.

In this lesson, we learn about the Pentacles. they represent Money matters and study.

And now it’s time to meet the family…  the  Kings, Queens, Pages, and Knights.  Here I explain the meaning of each card individually. I love the Family because along the way we see not only our relatives and friends here, but most definitely ourselves too, and this can be very intriguing. 

We now arrive at the all-powerful Major Arcana.    There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana. Here I explain the meaning of each card individually, with audio and video instruction.

Time to learn the different types of spreads available and how to work with them. I will show you my own way of using different layouts and spreads with explanations and examples to help you decide which ones you feel suit you.

Practice makes perfect.  The only way to get your confidence is to do readings on friends, family, and strangers.  Here  I go over how to incorporate your readings with your Guide explaining how to interpret correctly what the cards are trying to tell you. 


Tarot goes back centuries and is the deck every one recognizes as the most popular.  Once you have built a strong relationship with your Spirit Guides they will look forward to helping you become a great Tarot Reader. I Learnt this deck over 3 decades ago and am now happy to teach you how to work with it and have total confidence and trust.

Becoming a Tarot Reader is a huge responsibility and must not be taken on lightly.

From my perspective, I regard it as a huge responsibility to guide and help you become a responsible, dedicated and honest Spirit messenger. I look forward to working with you.