Psychic Readings

30 Minute Reading

1 Hour Reading

On purchasing your reading Linda will contact you to arrange a suitable time for your reading.  You can also contact Linda directly and arrange a booking through the Booking & Enquiry Form or phone Linda on 0408 881 944.


By communicating with your loved ones who have passed away Linda will try to help you receive clarity comfort and confirmation – the gift of a true Medium. If you are having difficulty in coming to terms with the loss of a loved one – not being able to cope with or express grief have a feeling of loss or uncertainty about what to do now or even concern about whether they are at peace then a Mediumship reading with Linda may help you to overcome these and other concerns.

Psychic Readings

Sensing what feels right for you Linda carries out her Clairvoyant readings after connecting to her Spiritual advisers. Linda may ask you to bring a piece of jewellery that (only) you have worn along with you to the reading. This helps Linda to connect to your energy field . Linda will also use her trusted Tarot for any question’s you may have on the day of your reading. 

During this process Linda will receive and convey messages to you that can help you to a deeper understanding of your situation. These moments of clarity may occur either at the time of the reading or later on once you have had time to process it. If you are seeking guidance about a situation in your life , wanting reassurance about a decision that you have made or are yet to make, or confirmation that you are on the right path  Linda’s Clairvoyance reading may help you to choose the path best suited to your  situation.

Comment From Linda

There are many times when a client comes for a specific reading and they receive both Mediumship and Psychic information.

It is for this reason that I leave everything up to the Spirit World to decide what is best for you on the day. If you come with an open mind without making pre-decisions or judgements on what you think your reading should be, you will often receive the help and advice you need at that time in your life.

Please Note : SKYPE AND PHONE READINGS are also available.  Simply book and pay on line and within 5 minutes I get an email with all your details . Once this comes through I will contact you to make a time that will suit both of us.

Absent Healing

Linda is able to conduct absent healings for those who are not able to visit her in person.  Please use the Contact Form to send your message and upload a photo and name of the person needing healing.